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Event Overview

From sunup to sundown, Aspen Ideas packs hundreds of fascinating discussions into ten days, with more than 3,000 attendees.

campus 2019

About the Aspen Ideas Festival

The Aspen Ideas Festival promises to be thought-provoking, meaningful and fun — true to Aspen tradition. Find out more about it's history.


Program Tracks

  • Festival 2
    AIF American Idea 2020

    The American Idea

    In a time when our nation is deeply divided, we have to ask: will the American Idea survive?

  • Festival 2
    AIF New Capitalism 2029

    A New Capitalism

    Boardrooms across America are rethinking the role of purpose.

  • Festival 2
    AIF Arts In Action 2020

    Arts in Action

    How do artists and cultural leaders impact the way we see the world and our role in it?

  • Festival 1
    AIF Geopolitics Now 2020

    Geopolitics Now

    Twenty years into the 21st century, the contours of a new global order have emerged.

  • Festival 1
    AIF Rebels 2020

    Rebels: The Case for Breaking the Rules

    Where would progress originate if we settled comfortably into the daily march of our established conventions?

  • Festival 1
    AIF Finding Beauty 2020

    Finding Beauty

    Should beauty be the goal of art? And why can’t we just love the skin we’re in?

  • Festival 2
    AIF China Rising 2020

    China Rising

    A deep dive into one country whose expanding posture abroad and tightening grip at home is changing everything.

  • Festival 2
    AIF Women 2020

    Women 2020

    How will we lift up all women — across racial and socioeconomic differences?

  • Festival 2
    AIF Life Happens 2020

    Life Happens

    Exploring what we can learn in the dark corners of life.

  • Festival 1
    AIF Planet In Peril 2020

    Planet in Peril: Solve for X

    The air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water on which we rely is all at risk.

  • Festival 2
    AIF Edge Of What We Know 2020

    The Edge of What We Know

    Science is an engine of human prosperity that’s a driving force in not only our wellbeing, but the survival of our species.

  • Festival 2
    AIF Totally Wired 2020

    Totally Wired: Our Lives on Tech

    Exploring humankind’s complex relationship with technology.

  • Festival 1
    Aif Gimme Shelter 3000x3000

    Gimme Shelter: How We’ll Live

    While struggling American families face the stresses of housing insecurity, 70 million refugees around the world are on the move and in need of shelter.

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