2020 Aspen Ideas Festival dates: June 24th - July 3rd

David McWilliams AIF 2019

“Nostalgia is the most dangerous commodity in the human mind because nostalgia is based on a dream.”

David McWilliams Economist; Columnist, Irish Times; Founder, Kilkenomics; Author, The P...
Our Children are in Trouble AIH 2019

“Being vulnerable takes more bravery than seeming strong.”

Hannah Lucas Mobile App Developer, NotOK
Kyle Korver 2019 AIF

“Over time, your body talks to you. If you’re willing to listen, it tells you what you need.”

Kyle Korver Pro Basketball Player, Utah Jazz, NBA
Sarah Smarsh AIF 2019

“One fallacy that misguides us in our national conversation is that everyone in rural America is a white conservative man.”

Sarah Smarsh Journalist; Author, Heartland: A Memoir of Working Hard and Being Brok...
Geography of Longevity AIH 2019

“All the good ideas in the world fail if there aren’t resources to support them.”

Megan Cunningham Managing Deputy Commissioner, Chicago Department of Public Health, Cit...
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Coming to Grips with Climate Change

Jorge Guajardo AIF 2019

“Its up to the US Congress, not Mexico, to check the president of the United States.”

Jorge Guajardo Senior Director, McLarty Associates; Former Mexican Ambassador to the...
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